ads, flyers, and inserts

Millennium Apartment Ad

Millennium Properties Apartment Ad

This ad was designed to stand out as a 2-page spread in a cluttered and competitive apartment guide booklet. The post-it note design stops people who are just flipping through the publication and focuses their eyes on the key benefits of these apartments.

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Mortgage Solutions print ad

Mortgage Solutions Ad

Homeowners with large debt-loads were the target of this ad for a second mortgage. Our simple research found that financial worries were a leading cause of friction among couples.

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CFC Insert and Ad

Newspaper Special Interest Insert and Magazine Ads for CFC, Incorporated.

We also helped coordinate a newspaper insert celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Fountain Square Mall renovation project.

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Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

Hoffman DesignWorks Ad

This ad for museum trade magazines quickly conveys that Hoffman can make and refurbish durable, well-designed exhibits. The idea is to convey a simple message if someone is flipping through a magazine, and provide more detail if they're interested.

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Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

ExLibris Trade Magazine Ad

Our first step is to learn a lot about an industry and product. In this case the field is software for cataloging vast quantities of electronic-rights-managed software.

It's always hard to stand out in a trade magazine, and even harder to write relevant copy that speaks to people in that trade, but it's the only way to get your ads to actually work.

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Key Liquidators Postcard

Key Auctioneers

Appraisals often take a month or more to complete. Key Auctioneers emphasizes their timely turnaround. Once again, the idea is a simple message conveyed in short text and with an appropriate and interesting visual.

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Caveat Emptor ad

Caveat Emptor Used and Rare Books – Ads

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, it's OK to make a joke about Ibsen.

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Print ad for IU Press

Online Document Delivery Print Ad

Black and white graphics suggest the speed and sophistication of electronic document delivery.

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Woodgate New Home ad

Newspaper Ads for Woodgate

Buyers walked into the model carrying this ad.

Many newspaper real estate sections look like vast gray seas. We design ads that help you float on top.

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