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Charlotte Ann Paul Stained Glass

Charlotte Paul Stained Glass

Charlotte Ann Paul is a nationally known stained glass artist who competes for installations with other major stained glass professionals. The site needed to present the quality of her work, but also to convey her ability to manage very large art projects that involved budgets up to $250,000.

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Nell Weatherwax site

Nell Weatherwax's website for performance and workshops

A vibrant and insightful performer, Nell needed a website that would reflect her style to potential workshop students and performance audiences.

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Nathan Hunter Design

Nathan Hunter Design Website

These are very high-end works of art as furniture. We decided to call Nathan's furniture designs "Contemporary Organic." This website features his work and information in support of awards and trade shows.

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Helle Tzalopoulou-Barnstone Gallery

Art Gallery Website for Helle Tzalopoulou-Barnstone

The site had to be professional and interesting without getting in the way of Ms. Tzalopoulou-Barnstone's expressive and colorful landscapes.

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CD and Cassette Design for Ralph Markham and Kenneth Broadway

Clean and straightforward design, made to exacting specifications.

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Turtle Ridge Records - Logo

Turtle Ridge Records Logo

Two local musicians wanted a logo for their record label – Turtle Ridge Records. They had various personal reasons for the name, and they had an idea of how they wanted it to look. We were able to satisfy their requests!

Paul Sturm CD The Diplomat's Shadow

CD Design and Website for Paul Sturm's The Diplomat's Shadow

The site for this contemporary series of compositions for guitar and drums features downloadable samples from the CD as well as modified photos of the musicians and their instruments.

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WFHB Programming Schedule

Bringing a complex and diverse schedule into a single, understandable page.

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The Urge to Destroy – a video documentary

A playful and tuneful documentary about preparing for, and driving in, a demolition derby.

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[bracket bracket]

Bracket Bracket – an irregular web ezine

After making clear, intelligible websites all day long, Paul Smedberg likes to relax by making obtuse and arch-dumb sites. Each issue is as different as night and dog.

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Summaries and links to internet art by Paul Smedberg.

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