Books & Periodicals

typesetting, design, and support materials

Typography and Design for Books, Journals and Periodicals

Design for Books, Journals and Periodicals

More than a quarter-century of experience working for publishers such as Indiana University Press, World Wisdom Books, and Banta & Pool; working with a wide range of texts from poetry to feminist semiotics to novels.

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Book Typography

Book Typography

From simple to complex manuscripts – from romanized sanscrit to medieval French in translation, our typesetting capabilities know no bounds. We pride ourselves on accuracy and on-time production.

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Map Art for book on Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine

Map Art for book on Ukraine

The first series of these maps was originally produced in color, but as the primary purpose was for a book on Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine, it was decided that they needed to be clear and legible using only shades of gray. The series of maps was drawn using several source maps – some with hand-drawn reference points.

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Small Axe brochure cover

Brochures and Catalogs

BCS has produced dozens of brochures and catalogs to promote books and journals.

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[bracket bracket]

Bracket Bracket – an irregular web ezine

After making clear, intelligible websites all day long, Paul Smedberg likes to relax by making obtuse and arch-dumb sites. Each issue is as different as night and dog.

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