Departmental Website Design, Production and Maintenance

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We're experienced web designers of departmental sites.

Photo of Maxwell Hall. We have lots of photos from around campus.We can work within a school's visual identity guidelines and build a departmental site or academic project site that works – meaning visitors can find what they want quickly, potential students and faculty get a strongly positive impression, and the site information is easy to update.

Initial meetings are free. If you like our ideas, we'll write them up in a proposal that outlines the project and cost. That's free too. Contact Paul Smedberg at: 317-334-0177 or 812-720-3011

One other big advantage: We're small. The people you talk to are the people who do the actual work.

Need site maintenance? We can do updates and changes for a fixed monthly price.

Indiana University Chinese Flagship Center

Indiana University Chinese Flagship Center

The Indiana University Chinese Flagship Center offers a number of programs for learning Chinese. We created the website and print marketing materials as well as the online advertising with Google and Facebook that brought hundreds of qualified potential students to the site.

Visit the site.

Home page of the Kinsey Institute

Home page of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

We rebuilt and redesigned the Kinsey home page to provide clear and easy access to the content, making it easy to update in the process. We worked with the communications director and web committee to be sure that the home page created the right expression of what the Kinsey Institute is all about. Completed in 2008.

Visit the site.

Online Document Design for Annotated Bible

This translation of the Book of Revelation by IU's Willis Barnstone was designed to bring the extensive footnoting to within easy sight of the referring text. In this way readers can go quickly back and forth from the text to the footnotes without scrolling. It's a simple idea that makes online reading of annotated documents easier. Completed in 2002.

Visit a mirror of the original site.

NWSA Journal cover

Brochures, Publications, Posters, Reports, Journals, Ads and Documents of All Types

Yes, we work with paper and ink as well as dots of light. We can take whatever you have to communicate and organize it, make it look good, and get it printed or published. We are quite familiar with modern, efficient printing and publishing methods and we are not fazed by mathematical formula or romanized Sanskrit.

We also do writing, photography, illustration and video.

Check out our home page for more details and examples.

The sites we make are not slapped-up templates with that "cheap look" some sites have. While we work within your design requirements, we create unique sites, tailored to your department, preferences and goals. Your site can look good, interface with the rest of the University, and stay within budget.

BCS has served central Indiana for over twenty years and we can implement the latest relevant technology on your site including video. We're also thoroughly experienced with building site traffic through search engine optimization and keyword advertising.

BCS is a small, efficient company focused on excellence, service and results. Our compact size means that we have very low overhead and no bureaucracy — you talk to Paul who, with Jeannette, does almost all of the work.

We stick to the budget, and work until you're happy with your site.

To find out what we can do and how much it will cost, call Paul at 812-720-3011. We don't charge anything for initial meetings or a thorough proposal that outlines the project and cost.

BCS Advertising is Paul Smedberg and Jeannette Brown