Marketing and Advertising for Indiana Engineers

websites, brochures, online marketing, trade shows, mailings, writing, technical illustration, logos, proposal design, instructions, powerpoint

The reason we get a lot of engineering work
is that we get engineering.

You won't have to work too hard to explain what your services entail. We're not engineers – we're marketing and communication people – but we understand science and we understand business.

You may be at a point where having a useful and more productive website would help your business. Having better-looking marketing materials gives your customers and potential customers a greater sense of confidence in what you do.

We do websites, design, brochures, and – most importantly – marketing for engineers and engineering companies. Some of these companies have dozens of employees, some just one.

Initial meetings are free. If you like our ideas, we'll write them up in a proposal that outlines the project and cost. That's free too. Contact Paul Smedberg at 317-334-0177 or 812-720-3011 or email

Need site maintenance? We can do updates, changes and site promotion on a per-service basis or for a fixed monthly price.

Astbury Water Technology

Astbury Water Technology, Inc.

Astbury is an Indianapolis hydroengineering firm. When they came to us they had a different name and a not-too-great website. We talked over what they might need and wrote up a detailed proposal covering options and costs. We created their new logo, website, postcard mailer, some simple convention graphics and brochures.

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ESG Laboratories

ESG Laboratories

ESG is an environmental testing service that needed to communicate their wide range of technical capabilities to potential customers. We also set up a secure way for their larger customers to receive and track testing reports.

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Pain Enterprises

Pain Enterprises Presentation Proposal, Folder, Product Sheets and Website

Pain Enterprises specialised in all things Carbon Dioxide – from dry ice to the fizz in soft drinks. BCS built their sales presentation pieces, website and overview brochure.

We also created a compelling 40-page presentation proposal to an influential industry group for them. The company has since changed hands and has a new name.

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Chapman Lake Folder & Sheets

Chapman Lake Instruments Folder, Info Sheets, and Website

Chapman Lake engineers and manufactures precision medical instruments. The folder contained a number of separate sheets describing their facilities, their design capabilities, and their products. We also designed their logo and website.

With under a dozen employees, Chapman Lake's marketing materials have the sophistication and professionalism of large multinational engineering firms.

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Thermocore Identity and PR

Thermocore Logo and PR to Trade Publications

Thermocore makes wall units for buildings with all of the window and door openings and electrical work in place. BCS placed information about Thermocore products in a wide range of trade publications. We designed their logo, and executed many technical drawings to illustrate their products. A variety of illustrations were available to trade publications over the web.

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ShowersGroup Folder and Sheets

ShowersGroup Website, Folder, Description Sheets

Extensive customer-oriented marketing materials communicate the capabilities of this diverse group of companies. Just-in-time, on-site printing of description sheets eliminates the need for a large inventory of pre-printed materials.

The website and internet marketing became a key part of Showersgroup's sales effort. From the first glance the site provides a clear, visual understanding of the company's range of capabilities.

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Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

Each card in this series playfully emphasizes a different capability of this museum exhibit design, building and refurbishing company. We designed their logo, and a "look" that reflects the fun attitude the client wanted to convey.

"We believe in durable, tough construction – robust enough for wild unsupervised kids on too much sugar."

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