Press and Public Relations

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Thermocore Identity and PR

Thermocore Corporate Identity and PR to Trade Publications

Thermocore makes wall units for buildings with all of the window and door openings and electrical work in place. BCS placed information about Thermocore products in a wide range of trade publications. We designed their logo, and executed many technical drawing illustrating their products. A variety of illustrations were available to the trade publications over the web.

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Bond Issue Brochure for the City of Bloomington

This gatefold brochure explains the "before and after" of the bond issue. Taxpayers were presented with public works projects around the city and how these improvements would be funded.

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WFHB Programming Schedule

Bringing a complex and diverse schedule into a single, understandable page.

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Guide to Bloomington on the Square Brochure

Geared to tourists and visitors, this brochure was distributed through motels and along highways near Bloomington.

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CFC Insert and Ad

Newspaper Special Interest Insert and Magazine Ads for CFC, Incorporated.

We also helped coordinate a newspaper insert celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Fountain Square Mall renovation project.

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