Print Materials

marketing materials, promotions, and logos

Pain Enterprises

Pain Enterprises Folder, Product Sheets and Website

Pain Enterprises specialised in all things Carbon Dioxide – from dry ice to the fizz in soft drinks. We built a customizable sales presentation piece and extensive website to further amplify their sales efforts. The company has since changed hands and has a new name.

Visit a mirror of their site.

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Map Art for book on Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine

Map Art for book on Ukraine

The first series of these maps was originally produced in color, but as the primary purpose was for a book on Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine, it was decided that they needed to be clear and legible using only shades of gray. The series of maps was drawn using several source maps – some with hand-drawn reference points.

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Chapman Lake Folder & Sheets

Chapman Lake Instruments Folder, Info Sheets, and Website

Chapman Lake manufactures precision medical instruments. This folder contained a number of separate sheets describing their facilities, their design capabilities, and their products. We also designed their logo and website.

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Convention Center Brochure

Bloomington Convention Center Brochure

This brochure was sent to meeting planners to acquaint them with the facility. We designed the logo and their first website as well.

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ShowersGroup Folder and Sheets

ShowersGroup Description Sheets and Folder

Extensive customer-oriented marketing materials communicate the capabilities of this diverse group of companies. Just-in-time, on-site printing of description sheets eliminates the need for a large inventory of pre-printed materials.

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Timbersmith Brochure

Timbersmith Presentation Brochure

Timbersmith was a local company that designed profoundly beautiful homes and commercial spaces using ancient timberframe construction. The brochure features many fine photos of their work and testimonials from satisfied customers. We also designed their website.

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Timbersmith Portfolio

Timbersmith Design Portfolio

This 48-page booklet includes elevations and floorplans for Timbersmith's timber-home designs, as well as information about the construction process, planning, hiring subcontactors, cost estimating, and other useful information.

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Hickory Hill logo

Hickory Hill Restaurant Identity and Marketing Materials

The logo was based on the outline of Hickory Hill's building – easily recognized by passersby as it was located on a major highway.

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WFHB Programming Schedule

Bringing a complex and diverse schedule into a single, understandable page.

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Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

Just-in-time, on-site printing.

Each card in this series playfully emphasizes a different capability of this museum exhibit design, building and refurbishing company. We designed their logo, and a "look" that reflects the fun attitude the client wanted to convey.

"We believe in durable, tough construction – robust enough for wild unsupervised kids on too much sugar."

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Bond Issue Brochure for the City of Bloomington

This gatefold brochure explains the "before and after" of the bond issue. It was an important part of work to stop a bond remonstrance drive.

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Indianapolis Public Schools / Cisco Systems / Sara Laughlin & Associates Brochure

This brochure was aimed at both high-schoolers and employers, telling them about Cisco network technician training.

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National School Reform Faculty Brochure

A self-mailing brochure also distributed to convention attendees that describes the goals and benefits of this not-for-profit organization. The client provided the text which we put into a visually interesting form.

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HealthShare Logo, Brochure and Website

A not-for-profit organization facilitating recognized "alternative" healthcare methods and affordable health solutions. Unfortunately, they have disbanded, but we kept a mirror of the site.

Visit a mirror of the site.

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Guide to Bloomington on the Square Brochure

Geared to tourists and visitors, this brochure was distributed through motels and along highways near Bloomington.

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Linking Newsletter for the Indiana Staff Development Council

The design included a newsletter template in Microsoft Word for use by ISDC in making each issue.

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Small Axe brochure cover

Brochures and Catalogs

BCS has produced dozens of brochures and catalogs to promote books and journals.

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Apartment Feature and Floorplan Sheets

Millennium Properties: Apartment Feature and Floorplan Sheets

Just-in-time, on-site printing.

These sheets were designed to be printed on a color laser printer. This is a tremendously flexible way to manage a variety of different apartment variations. It is also easy to update. We designed their logos and drew floorplans, and took most of the photographs for all of their properties. The pages were coordinated with their website, which we also did.

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Lincoln Place Flipbook

Presentation Flip-Book for Lincoln Place Condominiums

Using architectural sketches and floorplans, this piece helped sell condominiums before the first unit was ever built.

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Knightridge Brochure

Brochures for Apartment Complexes

Simple, attractive information including floorplans for all of the units. This design was used, with modifications, for each of four different apartment communities.

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Roush Transport CO2 Truck

Roush Transport Sales Materials and Website

Roush Transport, a division of Pain Enterprises, Inc., provides trucks for use by beverage gas distribution companies. We designed their website, and also several brochures and informational sheets about their trucks and services.

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