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Map Art for book on Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine

Map Art for book on Ukraine

The first series of these maps was produced in color, but as the primary purpose was for a book on Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine, it was decided that they needed to be clear and legible using only shades of gray. The series of maps was drawn using several source maps – some with hand-drawn reference points.

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Home page of the Kinsey Institute

Home page of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

We rebuilt and redesigned the Kinsey home page to provide clear and easy access to the content, making it easy to update in the process. We worked with the communications director and web committee to be sure that the home page created the right expression of what the Kinsey Institute is all about. Completed in 2008.

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Hoffman DesignWorks Postcard Mailing

ExLibris Trade Magazine Ad

Our first step is to learn a lot about a field. In this case the field is library software for cataloging vast quantities of electronic-rights-managed journals, music, pictures and software.

It's always hard to stand out in a trade magazine, and even harder to write relevant copy that speaks to people in that trade, but it's the only way to get your ads to actually work.

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Typography and Design for Books, Journals and Periodicals

Design for Books, Journals and Periodicals

More than a quarter-century of experience working for publishers such as Indiana University Press, World Wisdom Books, and Banta & Pool; working with a wide range of texts from poetry to feminist semiotics to novels.

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New Covenant Website

A website in support of Willis Barnstone's translation of the four gospels of the New Testament and the book of Revelation. The site brings together extensive quotes from the book with critical comments and links to reviews and interviews.

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Book Typography

Book Typography

From simple to complex manuscripts – from romanized sanscrit to medieval French in translation, our typesetting capabilities know no bounds. We pride ourselves on accuracy and on-time production.

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Online Document Design for Annotated Bible

This translation of the Book of Revelation with extensive footnoting was designed for reading and researching from a regular screen, a touch screen, or on a tablet computer.

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Print ad for IU Press

Online Document Delivery Print Ad

Black and white graphics suggest the speed and sophistication of electronic document delivery.

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The Ryder Magazine - Logo

Ryder Logo

A distinctive and unmistakable logo for a monthly publication and film series.

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Small Axe brochure cover

Brochures and Catalogs

BCS has produced dozens of brochures and catalogs to promote books and journals.

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