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South Dunn Street site

South Dunn Street Project website

The South Dunn Street development has as its mission a "focus on existing traditional core neighborhoods", so we wanted to keep their website friendly, simple, and easy to navigate. Video tours hosted by the architect and developer emphasize the appeal of this property.

Visit the mirror site.

South Dunn Street site

Behind the Walls Video

South Dunn Street is a small development of small houses of very high quality materials, design and construction. We realized that the best way to showcase the house features was to create an online video tour of a house under construction. Hosted by one of the architects, the "Behind the Walls" video focuses on the features you can't see in a finished home.

Watch the "Behind the Walls" video in Windows Media format.

Millennium Apartment Ad

Millennium Properties Apartment Ad

This ad was designed to stand out as a 2-page spread in a cluttered and competitive apartment guide booklet. The post-it note design stops people who are just flipping through the publication and focuses their eyes on the key benefits of these apartments.

See larger image.

Apartment Feature and Floorplan Sheets

Millennium Properties: Apartment Feature and Floorplan Sheets

Just-in-time, on-site printing.

These sheets were designed to be printed on a color laser printer. This is a tremendously flexible way to manage a variety of different apartment variations. It is also easy to update. We designed their logos and drew floorplans, and took most of the photographs for all of their properties. The pages were coordinated with their website, which we also did.

See larger image.

CFC logos

Apartment and Commercial Project Logos

Logos have to be simple.

The logo is often the front gate – the first encounter many people have with your project. It has to work in big color pieces and small black & white ads, as well as on the web.

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Fountain Square Mall - Logo

Fountain Square Mall

This logo is based on an architectural detail from the renovated buildings that make up Fountain Square Mall.

Woodgate New Home ad

Newspaper Ads for Woodgate

Buyers walked into the model carrying this ad.

Many newspaper real estate sections look like vast gray seas. We design ads that help you float on top.

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Lincoln Place Flipbook

Presentation Flip-Book for Lincoln Place Condominiums

Using architectural sketches and floorplans, this piece helped sell condominiums before the first unit was ever built.

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Knightridge Brochure

Brochures for Apartment Complexes

Simple, attractive information including floorplans for all of the units. This design was used, with modifications, for each of four different apartment communities.

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CFC Insert and Ad

Newspaper Special Interest Insert and Magazine Ads for CFC, Incorporated.

We also helped coordinate a newspaper insert celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Fountain Square Mall renovation project.

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