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radio, television, and video writing and productions

South Dunn Street site

South Dunn Street Project videos

Video tours hosted by the architect and developer emphasize the appeal of this property. The "Behind the Walls" video focuses on the features you can't see in a finished home.

Visit the mirror site with all four videos.

Watch the "Behind the Walls" video.

The People Downtown radio spot

The People Downtown Radio

A series of holiday season radio spots featuring multi-part carol-like harmonies. These spots captured the spirit of the season for merchants in downtown Bloomington.

Play the spot: 

Promptcare radio spots

Promptcare Radio

We helped Promptcare, an urgent-care medical facility, expand its customer base with ads aimed at young adults aged 18-24.

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Video Meeting Documentation for Sara Laughlin and Associates

One series of videos chronicled teams of Indianapolis educators on fact-finding trips to Texas, Kansas and Ohio. Each 15-minute video summarized a day of meetings and conversations. BCS also produced documentation of Continuous Improvement projects by Indiana libraries.